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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

on politics and animation in Kenya

Kenyan animation has recently been on the increase with evidence of animated shorts popping on the web through distribution mechanisms like youtube. Of interest is perhaps the emergence of political satire as a format, perhaps with links to political cartooning as the in the case of cartoonist GADO's recent puppet and 2D animation - The XYZ Show. Other examples can be seen on the Kenyanimation blog with Ihira's 2D animation "The Stated Opinionn Show" that follows a similar format and also uses political satire as its content. However trailing through U-tube one also comes across various other little animated skits that are akin to political cartooning using the same visual devices here are a couple of examples from Politoons

These animations may be inspired by the news/political spoofs on local stations like KTN's News Shot and CTV's News Aside, that are satirising local politics.

and finally Kenyan's interest in politics takes on any form as this article by the BBC on a inventive young political cartoonist shows...
Kenya's Busstop Cartoonist