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Thursday, February 23, 2006

egyptian animation festival _ university of minia

the university of Minia (Egypt), is hosting an animation festival from the 6th -9th April... I will be visiting, giving a talk on my research into African animation, the UNESCO Africa Animated Project and my involvement on it... as well as an overview of the computer generated animations produced at Bournemouth University, the technology we use and the philosophy behind our course - that is a merger between the arts and technology. Thanks to the University of Minia, and in particular my new found Egyptian animator friend, Mohammed Ghazala!! I hope that this visit will encourage the exposure of African animation, and at the same time prove to be a personal journey to discovering the animation of another African country, Egypt!! I'm really looking forward to it - I invite any African animators to send me examples of their work, should they want to show their work at this event. You may contact me at

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Nqo said...

Hey there Paula... Remember me??

I finally finished the Thesis on African animation and it Rocked... tahnks for the contacts and the help!
I'm now lecturing 3D at ZIVA and will turn my thesis into a community site for African animation... Will need help on that!

Just finished my Short film and will try sending it to Egypt... Will need more contacts there and from you..

Email me