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Thursday, April 27, 2006

update from Alfred

Hello everyone. Animators. Pals.

My name is still Alfred Muchilwa. I am animator from
the aa2.0 series... and im off to Stuttgart, Germany
tommorrow fro the screening of TOTO's JOURNEY!

Seriously, up till a few hours ago I wasn't really
sure that i'd make the trip. I had to hustle left
right and center to get money for the plane ticket.
Just managed to make the amount needed an hour,or so
ago. But it was worth it (speaking in future tense

So catch up with all the action on In
addition, I will be attending a special effects
festival called fmx ( I want to see all
those folks from ILM and DREAMWORKS animation in
person. Apparently Nina Paley will be there too! (most
o' y'all don't know her, she was on AA 1.0.

After that, well I go to 2 other cities and run my ass
back home.

1 comment:

Nina Paley said...

Hi Paula!

I saw Alfred at the FMX, but can't find his email address - nor yours. Please shoot me a note: nina underscore paley at yahoo dot com. Thanks!