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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Zimbabwe Film Festival... what a blast

watch this space for news on the Zimbabwe International Film Festival!!...

gone and come back - what a great time. Must thank everyone in Zim for making me feel welcome and feeding me well! Met lots of great budding animators, although the situation in Zimbabwe right now is not as prolific as it could be. Saying that the few that I met have an incredible drive and want to get things off the ground, for that I take my hat off to them. Carl Ncube, my facilitator but also as it turns out a local celebrity in his own right, famous for his Nyame Nyame animation which was a great hit locally... and the guys at Limited Edition, Shinghi and Francis who are definitely on the right track when it comes to having a proffessional attitude towards animation productions.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! Hope you enjoy it there. NYAMINYAMI is being screened at the lola film festival in Nairobi.