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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

hollywood, bollywood, nollywood and now riverwood???

Nigerian Nollywood...

The invasion of the video-movie in Nigeria: With the advent of video related technologies in the 90's, filmmaking became largely accesble to a home market and offered an affordable alternative to both the producers of the film as well as the consumers, home-viewers. The article by Francis Harding in the Journal of African Cultural Studies (Vol 16, No. 1, June 2003, pp69-94), Africa and the moving image: television, film and video, provides a good overview of the benefits of the recent developments of this market in Nigeria (and Ghana), identifying key aspects that have encouraged this industry to emerge and become greatly popular not only amongst the local market but across the continent and within diasporic communuities world wide.

"The creation of a localised genre of African video-movies, whose themes are the violent chase, gangsters, romance, and religion and whose location and setting, dress and narratives are highly localised."

Kenyan emerging film industry...

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