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Saturday, April 18, 2009

animation in Senegal...

Little is known about the emergence of animation in Dakar, Senegal. Most hits for a search on animation in Senegal will point you to the company Pictoon that ran the animated series Kabongo Le Griot, but that has now folded. The local artists that were trained in-house by the company acquired the skills of traditional animators, and some of them have gone on to direct their own work. Recently on the radar is the young, Yancouba Dieme - who also has a blog and it would seem is currently undertaking his studies at Supinfocom. His appearance on the festival circuit is evidenced at FCAT African Film Festival, Tarifa , with his stop-motion film Champion 2005.
An other contemporary,Piniang - as he is known (Ibrahima Niang)- shares a similar work background at Pictoon, with evidence of commissioned animated work, as well as collaboration and participation on UNESCO's Africa Animated Project. His work includes referencing his own paintings and the use of found objects. He also featured in the 8th Biennale of Contemporary African Art at IFA (Berlin)
For more information on Piniang's work see the article on Africultures

One early Pictoon Animation

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