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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Plugged Digital Expo in Kenya

Kenya's  PLUGGED DIGITAL EXPO will be showcasing digital technologies and related industries for the East African region.
It runs on the 13th - 14th July in the Sarit Centre, Nairobi 

It will include exhibitors in zones 
  • Mobile Zone - mobile phones, tablets, accessories, portable devices
  • Digi Zone - touch screens, Computers, Laptops, displays, print solutions, routers, automated office solutions, communication technology.
  • Mobile apps Pit - mobile apps, mobile business solutions, payment solutions and mobile games.
  • Apps Bar - sample shots of information on must-have apps for mobile devices. 
  • Simulator Zone – flight simulators, Visual Effects, Driving simulators
  • Studio Grid - media, broadcast, 3D, HD, Programming, Cable, Triple play, satellite, streaming, set top boxes, content creators and digital distribution technology.
  • Innovator's Pavilion – meet Kenya's innovators who will shape and determine Kenya's future in the digital and technology space.
  • Cloud 9 - Dedicated to cloud based solutions, tools and tutorials for businesses
The conference also includes a focus on digital content distribution for television, film and animation - which should be of particular interest to practising animators/ producers in this field.

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