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Friday, September 14, 2012

On DIaspora and Animation

As my search for Sub-Saharan animation continues, it is becoming increasing hard to look at African animation without considering the role and movement of the diaspora as a contributing force to the body of work that currently circulates the public domain. Some artists work between different places, move from Africa to Europe or America and back again... Their constant movement makes it somewhat more difficult to place their work but it invites a new set of questions about the 'transnational', migration and identity... It also leads to more unexpected discoveries such as the artists/animators mentioned here and the 'accented' approach to their work-
One happy discovery to add to the growing list
Samba Fall -  from Senegal - Whilst currently practising in Norway, Samba Fall's introduction to animation came through employment in Dakar by Pictoon - whom also recruited Piniang * mentioned previously - and whom also was a graduate from the Dakar Academy of Fine Arts. You can view his work here:

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