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Friday, September 23, 2016

Girl Power in Ethiopian animation - Tibeb Girls

 A new animation series is about to be released from the makers of the very popular, award winning, educational children's series Tsehai loves learning at TheWhizzKidsWorkshop in Ethiopia. 

The Tibeb Girls are Ethiopia's very own PowerPuff girls - in green Fikir (meaning love), in black Tigist (meaning patience) and in red Fiteh (meaning Justice), the three girls set out to save the day. 

As outlined in their social networking page, 

The Tibeb program will help provide a social behavioral change communication package & health care services for adolescents, helping them to learn about the changes that happen at their age and to explore their world in a healthy way.
The program is comprised of the Tibeb Girls series, the Tibeb school clubs and making health services available for adolescents and women.
Tibeb Girls’ series will be a 2d Animation Series about three African adolescent super heroines taking the audience on a fun, imaginative and educational journey as they thrive to understand the changes that are happening to them and the struggles girls face everyday. To enhance the reach of this program to the most remote and rural areas it will be adapted to radio and comic books.
Tibeb school clubs will have engaging and interactive guides to provide information about the different reproductive health issues adolescents face. 

One of the directors, Bruktawit Tigabu, explains the need for these super heroines as her team make another great contribution to the landscape of African animation.

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