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Monday, January 30, 2006

more news from the AA2 guys

Ok so the emails are begining to flood in... more news from
Pippa Lugg: SA
"while down in Cape Town I went to see Sunrise Productions who are working on an Animation Feature...
...I've recently met a girl in Port Elizabeth, where I live, who is newly in PE from CT and used to work for Triggerfish. She's very keen to collaborate on an Animation so I'm very pleased that I'll have her to work with until AA2 links up again."

hope that my pilot internet project will act as a proposed model to apply in Africa... Distance Web Based Collaborations... still may not be as good as the real thing...mmm

Alfred Muchilwa: Kenya
"Me? Yes I still animate once in a while, was verythrilling to see the africa animated 2 stuff on TV. Itlooks (and sounds) good.
Well a few months back an Egyptian animator reachedme.. he hasbeen researching African Animation too. "

Alfred - do you have a web site??

In the meantime you can find out more about alfred's goings on round the world...

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Anonymous said...

Nope. No website. But soon. That was one of my resolutions. Been building up a body of work over the past 2 years. Only now do I have enough material.