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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Update : Searching African Animators!!

Got an update from Maina; everyone will be pleased to know that his group's animation has also been selected to be shown at flickerfest... Well done!! It was great to see that Maina is planning to continue making animations in Kenya, and I can't wait to see some more output from the dude... and apparently the AA launch was a blast, unfortunately I couldn't make it, which was a shame especially because African philosopher and main man Moses was there...

Check out the link for more info on "The Motif of Life"...

Just updating the news from everyone in reply to my e-mail-
Jacquie Trowell: South Africa
I'll just quote ... here's the news from SA!!
"well, my news is that i’m still expecting to se you in berlin next month.
beyond freedom has been selected as one of TEN short films in competition at the berlin international film festival.
this is pretty cool.....

meanwhile, the Animation Production Training Initiative is underway here.
it’s the first time gov orgs have got together to support animation. (as far as i know)..."

for more info on other projects by Jac check out:

Cilia Sawadago: Burkina Faso/ Canada
"On my side, I'll start a new film in the next months, just got word about some funding for preproduction.
I'll coming to London on from the 2nd to the 5th of march 2006 to the African film festival there...

...I presented the AA1 and AA2 at the Montreal National Museum of Contemporary Art during a conference on African Animation that I did there last night. "

Animation Training Production Initiative 2006 : The governement intiative in South Africa involves a collaboration between Anamazing and the Department of Art and Culture, the National Film and Video Foundation, the National Electronic Institute of SA, and SABC. It is currently calling for applicaitons from 13scriptwriters for children's stories, a later date will be announced for the call for animation directors. Keep an eye out for more news....

Montreal National Museum of Contemporary Art:

Go to :

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yes, that was nice of you to start a blog. paula!!
Rock on dudet!! and all africa animators!!

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