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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ezra Wube, Ethiopian artist and animator

On searching for more animation from the continent, I stumbled across the animation
"I came from the Sky" by Ezra Wube, Ethiopia.
Ezra Wube is a fine artist currently based in Brooklyn (US), although originally from Addis Ababa. He left Ethiopia at the age of 18 and has travelled since - travelling being a recurring theme that emerges in Wube's work, as he explains in the article at ABESHA.COM

Wube has posted his animations on Vimeo (I came from the Sky; When we all met; Hutlet/Caution) and you can view all of his animated work here:

For a detailed article about his work and background, and his influences and themes this can be found on ABESHA.COM . His own personal website, including a portfolio of work and animations can be found at: EZRAART.NET

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Katrin Schulze said...

I love these ones! Beautifully done ...