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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Call for Support: AFROGAMES an animated series from Burkina Faso

The pitch for an animated series developed in Burkina Faso, AFROGAMES is being launched as an Indiegogo project that aims to raise $18,000 dollars to develop the series. The first episode of the animation was developed with the aid of the Danish Centre for Culture and Development. The animation is described as:

An original animated series made in Burkina Faso, that shares tales of African society through the eyes of five children and their passion for African games.
Five children of different backgrounds team up through diverse games from African soil  and use them to solve problems. 

Please click on AFROGAMES to support this project. 


Eric Elder said...

This is awesome! Thanks for all the great info!!

Eric Elder said...

awesome!! Thanks for all the great info!!